Freestyle-Art Interviews

. Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to REEZLUV Please introduce yourself, give us a brief bio, tell us where you're from, and how you got started in the field?

We’re a Malaysian designer that’s combined under a name, that’s called “Freestyle Art”.We’re currently located in Ipoh.Freestyle art is an art collective and we’re still studying in a private college around the ipoh city.Start on the year of 2006, there are six of us,Abu-tbg,Fareez,Naem,Xie,Sol and Azgheel.We meet each other in our college day.

So why do you choose Freestyle as your nick/name?

We originally get the name from our 1st exhibition project in our college on December 2007 and the theme for the exhibition is Freestyle.So we used the title from our exhibition because each member of us have a different style of art and we combined it to became one group under the name of “Freestyle”.

When it comes to inspiration everyone draws theirs from a unique area. Where do you find yours?

The inspiration come from many kinds of medium like from our history,latest issue,picture of people,models, music, friends, yik foong, big apple doughnuts and maybe sometimes from the environment.We don’t exactly copy the same art from other art but maybe we try to change it to send the message for the audients.Freestyle could be anything and we are free to design what ever what we wants!

What is the most important lesson you have learned since you started designing? And how do you apply it to your art now?

Don’t be too serious in designing an artwork, be fun and make it fun. Sometimes, we become maniac in our life just to get a fresh idea, and sometimes we also become so serious just because we’re wanna the great idea come out from our mind. In our work, we like to give fun feeling whenever anyone watch our work everytime and everywhere~wuhuuu~ :D

Any final thoughts? What would you tell other designers that hope to be as good as you one day

Try to compete with other to make a very interesting design.Try to motivate yourself to be better each day.And try to be crazy and totally maniac everytime you want to make a design!Freestyle rocks! Hahahhaa,…. XD

Download the amazing Freestyle-art wallpaper for free,just click on th image above and enjoy your download!

All picture aboved was captured by:Cika

50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes

. Saturday, November 15, 2008

In this collection, you’ll find 50 excellent, high-quality, free WordPress themes. These themes range from being elaborate and colorful to being clean and simple so that you may find one that suits your design tastes.

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10 Great Portfolio From Amazing Designer

. Friday, November 14, 2008

Hye my readers..:)..enjoy my post in here?I hope guys,for this post I will reveal for you the portfolio from some of my friends at Deviantart where you can find the best designers who produced fantastic and amazing artwork in their life..Here I brought to you some of them.
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Those design was really stunned me and I hope you guys,can you design such artwork?What software that you really need to design that?The best softwares that you can choose is of course the God of design called Photoshop & Illustrator which is produced by will need those two software or maybe using another 3d software to make it more realistic.The most important part in designing such artwork is creativity..and if you good in photo manipulation..that will help you,but not will need more effort and learn from the expert....remember..practice make perfect....that's all for today guys..happy






Chris Vector



Iphone Wallpaper Download

. Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hye guys..enjoy reading?From now on I will post all my artwork here and also my Deviant or Flickr for you to download free artwork..So yesterday I started my first advertising artwork based on one popular product called iPhone.Do you heard of that?

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Just take a look at my new artwork above and comment it if you say it beautiful and you want that wallpaper for your collection?Good news for all my readers..I will give it for charge at all..but if you are interested buying it and want it on prints..just click on my deviant and pick the iPhone Crazy to purchased it on your own.

I don't want want to waste your time anymore..just download it from download link below.The resolution for that wallpaper is 1280x800px and later on I will provide more sizes for you..but at this moment only one size guys, download now!

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. Saturday, November 8, 2008

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